Pavement Musical Slanted! Enchanted! Premiering In NYC

Pavement Musical Slanted! Enchanted! Premiering In NYC

I promise this is real as far as I know. I just received a press release about it from Matador Records. There’s a link where you can buy tickets. It does not appear to be a practical joke.

The songs of legendary (and recently reunited) indie rock band Pavement have become the basis for a Broadway-style jukebox musical. It’s called Slanted! Enchanted! and is written and directed by Alex Ross Perry, who helmed Her Smell (in which Elisabeth Moss played a self-destructive punk rocker). Perry also directed Pavement’s video for the surprise viral hit “Harness Your Hopes” and curated last month’s Pavement pop-up museum in NYC. Michael Esper, Zoe Lister-Jones, and Kathryn Gallagher star in the play. The theatrical arrangements of Pavement’s songs are by Keegan Dewitt and Dabney Morris, with choreography by Angela Trimbur and Tenaya Kelleher. Craig Butta is the producer.

Two workshop performances of Slanted! Enchanted! are scheduled for the Sheen Center in New York: an 8PM show on Thursday, Dec. 1 and a 2PM matinee on Friday, Dec. 2. That’s soon! There’s no word as to whether the musical will ever be performed again.

Slanted And Enchanted — Pavement’s debut album, which gives this play its name — turned 30 this year.

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