Watch IDLES Bring Their Fiery Intensity To Fallon

Watch IDLES Bring Their Fiery Intensity To Fallon

UK post-punkers and first-time Grammy nominees IDLES released their album CRAWLER way back in November of 2021, but that album cycle is still going. With IDLES, the selling point isn’t necessarily the records themselves so much as the band’s ability to generate sweaty catharsis even in the relatively antiseptic context of something like a bigass festival — or, for that matter, a late-night TV studio.

Last night, IDLES were the musical guests on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, and they really fucking brought it. IDLES’ performance last night wasn’t exactly a shock, and it wasn’t their first time on American TV. (They played Colbert earlier in the album cycle.) But it was still very cool to see them go wild on their thundering shuffle “The Wheel” for Jimmy Fallon’s audience.

These days, IDLES frontman Joe Talbot is rocking a bushy mustache and looking like a not-fully-bald version of the pro wrestler Dax Harwood. It can be easy to make fun of IDLES for being basic or whatever, but that guy gets it done onstage. The thing where the song reaches its climax and he slaps the ride cymbal bare-handed? That’s good stuff. Watch the performance below.

CRAWLER is out now on Partisan.

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