Ice Spice – “In Ha Mood”

Ice Spice – “In Ha Mood”

Up until recently, nobody really knew there was a public demand for a drill rapper who looked like Little Orphan Annie. Last summer, though, fresh-faced Bronx MC Ice Spice came out of nowhere with the viral smash “Munch (Feelin’ U),” and she’s starting to look like the person most likely to turn drill from grimy, cultish underground to full-on pop music. Ice Spice followed “Munch” with her single “Bikini Bottom” last fall, and now she’s got another one called “In Ha Mood.”

“In Ha Mood” is a brisk, two-minute track with a fast, rumbling beat from RIOTUSA, Ice Spice’s regular producer. The track definitely fits into the sound that Ice Spice has been building, and she does some of the same bratty flexing that she’s been doing on past tracks. But he song also sounds slightly more downcast than her past tracks, and her rapping is tighter and more technical. Ice Spice has been teasing “In Ha Mood” on social media for a while, but the single has now been given a proper release. Listen below.

“In Ha Mood” is out now on 10K Projects/Capitol. Ice Spice’s forthcoming debut is one of our most anticipated albums of the year, even though she hasn’t announced it yet.

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