Full Of Hell & Primitive Man – “Rubble Home”

Full Of Hell & Primitive Man – “Rubble Home”

Extremely extreme collaborative albums have been all the rage lately, and now we’ve got another one coming down the pike. Presumably, you will not be surprised to learn that Full Of Hell are involved. Full Of Hell, the adventurous Maryland grinders, are involved. Full Of Hell are always cranking out side-project material or going on extremely extreme collaborative quests; later this month, Sightless Pit, Full Of Hell frontman Dylan Walker’s project with the Body’s Lee Buford, will release their new album Lockstep Bloodwar next week. Not long after that, Full Of Hell will drop a whole new collaborative LP that they made with Denver trio Primitive Man.

Full Of Hell and Primitive Man both make harsh, heavy, uncompromising music, but they don’t sound that much like each other. Primitive Man apply ’90s noise-rock textures and attitudes to the sounds of sludged-out doom metal. Last year, they released the gnarled and brutal EP Insurmountable, with its unrecognizable cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Quiet.” Now, they’ve joined forces with Full Of Hell for the new collaborative LP Suffocating Hallucination.

The two bands recorded Suffocating Hallucination in a room together, with Weekend Nachos’ Andy Nelson producing. In a press release, Dylan Walker has this to say:

It’s kind of like making a new hybrid band. It’s a really special marker of the friendship between us. We approach each collaboration differently, depending on the personalities in the room. With Primitive Man, we wrote everything in the studio. Each collaborative record is a cornerstone in our discography, as important as our own full-lengths.

Suffocating Hallucination has only five tracks, and first single “Rubble Home” is a bloodcurdling stomper that abruptly shifts tempo at a couple of points in its six-minute runtime. Listen to it and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Trepanation Of Future Joys”
02 “Rubble Home”
03 “Bludgeon”
04 “Dwindling Will”
05 “Tunnels To God”

Suffocating Hallucination is out 3/3 on Closed Casket Activities.

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