Someone Stagedove In A Wheelchair At LDB Fest

Someone Stagedove In A Wheelchair At LDB Fest

One of the biggest annual festivals in all of hardcore went down this past weekend. A few thousand people descended on Louisville for LDB Fest. The bill featured bands like Knocked Loose, Terror, Drug Church, No Pressure, and Sunami. By all accounts, the whole weekend was insane, and people simply did not stop moshing recklessly until the last band was done. I don’t know if this injury list is real, but it’s just nasty enough to be plausible. (The phrase “2 split tongues” is going to stick with me for a while.)

All that mayhem produced one of the most inspiring moshpit videos I’ve seen in a long time. Sunny Singh, whose Hate5six video channel plays a crucial role in documenting this world, captured a moment during Kublai Khan TX’s set where someone in a wheelchair crowdsurfed up to the stage and then whipped around and came off of it. They couldn’t exactly go flying, in the way that stagedivers like to do, but the sheer badass courage of such an act is an extremely cool thing to witness. Witness it below.

Some of the other videos from LDB Fest are maybe slightly less inspiring, but they’re definitely impressive.

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