Kristin Hersh – “Dandelion”

Kristin Hersh – “Dandelion”

Kristin Hersh has announced a new solo album, Clear Pond Road, her first since 2018’s Possible Dust Clouds, though since then she’s released albums with her other two projects: Throwing Muses’ Sun Racket in 2020 and 50 Foot Wave’s Black Pearl last year.

“Some records demand to be made,” Hersh said in a press release. “And you know this is the case when the songs function as systems in a body.” She explained a bit more about her process for this album, which was recorded at Stable Sound Studio.

I octavized an acoustic baritone as the skeleton, cellos are the lungs, a Nashville-strung Collings and glockenspiel were the fingertips feeling around in this weird-ass dark space, and drums are always your heart, of course… but the vocals are a strange narrator here. A narrator lost in the story, of all things, more like eyes.

Today, she’s sharing Clear Pond Road‘s lead single “Dandelion.” “Dandelion’s main image is climbing a fire escape up to my dressing room in an alley outside a club I was playing (I’ve never needed to invent metaphors; they’re everywhere),” Hersh said. “Anybody in love is always climbing to those eyes, you know? We’ve voyeurs because we can’t ever know the beloved as completely as we want to.”

Listen below.

01 “Bewitched Reruns”
02 “Ms Haha”
03 “Dandelion”
04 “Constance Street”
05 “Thank You, Corner Blight”
06 “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”
07 “Reflections On The Motive Power Of Fire”
08 “Eyeshine”
09 “Palmetto”
10 “Tunnels”

Clear Pond Road is out 9/8 via Fire Records. Pre-order it here.

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