50 Foot Wave – “Staring Into The Sun”

50 Foot Wave – “Staring Into The Sun”

Kristin Hersh is the longtime leader of the Throwing Muses, and she’s a great solo artist, too. Hersh also has another project: 50 Foot Wave, a power trio that also features Throwing Muses bassist Bernard Georges. Hersh has been leading 50 Foot Wave since 2003, but up until now, the band has only released one full-length LP, 2005’s Golden Ocean. This spring, they’ll come back with a second one.

50 Foot Wave’s new LP Black Pearl will be the band’s first music since the 2016 EP Bath White. (Most of the 50 Foot Wave discography is EPs; they’ve got five of them.) But the new single “Staring Into The Sun” does not sound like the work of a part-time band. It’s a huge, intense track, and all three musicians sound fully locked-in with one another. Hersh’s voice remains one of the coolest, most evocative sounds on the underground rock landscape, just as it has been for decades. Listen to “Staring Into The Sun” and check out the Black Pearl tracklist below.

01 “Staring Into The Sun”
02 “Hog Child”
03 “Fly Down South”
04 “Black Pearl”
05 “Broken Sugar”
06 “Blush”
07 “Double Barrel”

Black Pearl is out 4/15 on Fire Records.

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