Johnny Marr – “Somewhere”

Johnny Marr – “Somewhere”

Manchester guitar hero Johnny Marr will always be most famous for the game-changing work that he did with the Smiths, but Marr has kept himself plenty busy ever since that band ended. Just in the past year or so, Marr has collaborated onstage with bands like Primal Scream, the Killers, and the Pretenders. He played on a recent Noel Gallagher single. He reunited with his former Smiths bandmate Andy Rourke just before Rourke’s passing. Now, Johnny Marr is getting ready to release a best-of collection of his solo records.

Johnny Marr has had stints in plenty of other bands, including Electronic, Modest Mouse, the Cribs, and the aforementioned Pretenders. He also briefly led a band called Johnny Marr & The Healers, who released one album in 2003. But Marr has really only been making proper solo records since 2013, when he came out with his LP The Messenger. Since then, Marr has released three more albums, and that’s the period covered in the upcoming collection Spirit Power: The Best Of Johnny Marr. The comp will include Marr’s singles, as well as demos and curios like the cover of Depeche Mode’s “I Feel You” that Marr released for Record Store Day 2015. It’s also got two new songs, one of which is out today.

Johnny Marr wrote the new single “Somewhere” while touring with the Killers and Blondie, and he co-produced it with James Doviak. It’s a driving, anthemic rocker that would make perfect sense at a festival. Honestly, it’s pretty crazy that Johnny Marr took so long to become a frontman; he knows what he’s doing up there. Here’s what Marr says about the new song:

I’ve played a lot of arenas over the years, and in terms of songwriting, there’s nowhere to hide. For a song to work, it has to be a banger. I know it’s almost uncool to think in those terms, but I grew up in a house where my parents listened to Motown, where you couldn’t get a song released if it wasn’t full of hooks.

Below, check out the Sitcom Soldiers-directed “Somewhere” video and the Higher Power tracklist.

01 “Armatopia”
02 “New Town Velocity”
03 “Easy Money”
04 “Spirit Power & Soul”
05 “Hi Hello”
06 “Somewhere”
07 “The Messenger”
08 “I Feel You”
09 “The Answer”
10 “Dynamo”
11 “Spiral Cities”
12 “Night And Day”
13 “Sensory Street”
14 “Walk Into The Sea”
15 “Candidate”
16 “Tenement Time”
17 “Hi Hello (Demo)”
18 “Somewhere (Demo)”
19 “The Answer (Crazy F Version)”
20 “The Messenger (Demo)”
21 “Speak Out Reach Out (Crazy F Version)”

Spirit Power: The Best Of Johnny Marr is out 11/3 on BMG. Read our We’ve Got A File On You feature on Johnny Marr here.

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