boygenius Announce the rest EP, Debut “Black Hole” In Boston

boygenius Announce the rest EP, Debut “Black Hole” In Boston

The boys are back in town. Earlier this year, boygenius — the no-shit supergroup trio of Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, and Phoebe Bridgers — followed up their self-titled 2018 EP with a full-length album called the record. It was the major-label debut for all three members of the group, and everyone was perfectly normal about the whole thing. No overreactions anywhere! Just: Hey, a very good album from three talented friends! Last night, boygenius announced that they’ve got a second EP coming out next month, with four new songs, and they debuted one of those songs onstage in Boston.

The new boygenius EP is called the rest, and the group co-produced it with Tony Berg, Jake Finch, Ethan Gruska, Calvin Lauber, Collin Pastore, and Marshall Vore. The band hasn’t unveiled the names of the four songs that’ll appear on the EP. Instead, they’ve done a thing where they’ve shared the tracklist with the titles replaced with asterisks. (“Boyfriend,” the outtake from the record that boygenius played live in Queens a few months ago, is not on the EP, unless they’re using a different spelling of the word “boyfriend” or maybe I’m counting asterisks wrong.) Given that we went five years with only six boygenius songs, the arrival of four more is good news indeed.

boygenius announced their EP while playing at Boston’s MGM Music Hall last night, and they debuted “Black Hole,” the song that’ll open the rest. Julien Baker leads that song, and while a fan-made live video isn’t an ideal way to hear a song for the first time, it sounds pretty great! The group also ended their set by playing “Salt In The Wound” with surprise guest Hozier, who’d just played his own Boston shows and who came out to sing backup. Hozier and the boygenius members all did the Wayne’s World “we’re not worthy” bowing to each other and then left the stage to the sound of 100 gecs. Being in boygenius looks like fun.

Below, check out fan videos of last night’s “Black Hole” and “Ketchum, ID” performances, as well as the redacted tracklist for the rest.

01 “Black Hole”
02 “****** ** *******”
03 “*******”
04 “*****”

the rest is out 10/13. Pre-order it here. boygenius have a few fall shows coming up, and I’m seeing them at the All Things Go Festival in Maryland on Sunday.

UPDATE: On Night 2 in Boston, the boys debuted track 2, “Afraid Of Heights.”

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