Chicago Punk Band Sludgeworth Release First New Music In Over 30 Years

Chicago Punk Band Sludgeworth Release First New Music In Over 30 Years

When the Chicago punk band Sludgeworth started in 1989, they were a Screeching Weasel side project. At the time, Sludgeworth singer Dan Schafer played bass and guitar in Screeching Weasel, and drummer Brian McQuaid was also in both bands. (Back then, Dan Schafer was known as Dan Vapid, and Brian McQuaid was Brian Vermin.) Pretty soon, both of them left Screeching Weasel, though Schafer later returned to that band and joined Ben Weasel’s side project the Riverdales. Sludgeworth released one album and a couple of 7″ EPs before breaking up in 1992, and most of us know them from Losers Of The Year, the discography release that came out on Lookout! in 1995. Now, Sludgeworth are back with their first new song in 32 years.

Sludgeworth reunited to play Riot Fest in 2007. Two years ago, Red Scare Industries reissued Losers Of The Year on vinyl and streaming, and the band again played Riot Fest last year along with a few other shows. While rehearsing, two new songs, “Together Not Together” and “Foundation,” came together. Today, those songs are out on a new 7″ called Together Not Together. They’re heartfelt, surging pop-punk anthems with in classic tough-but-tuneful Chicago style. In a press release, Dan Schafer has this to say:

The title refers to our band. We haven’t released anything new in 32 years, then there’s also a physical distance between us. I think when you haven’t played together in that long, you can return anew. The inspiration for this album can be summed up in one word: Enthusiasm. It was there for all of us. Originally, I thought the idea of new music was a terrible idea. But then the guys sent me the music they were kicking around, and words and a melody immediately popped into my head. Those few seconds changed everything. After 32 years since our last recording, I can honestly say I couldn’t be more excited about this release.

Listen to “Together Not Together” and “Foundation” below.

The Together Not Together 7″ is out now on Red Scare.

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