Robert Ascroft – “Faded Photograph” (Feat. Ruth Radelet)

Robert Ascroft – “Faded Photograph” (Feat. Ruth Radelet)

You miss Chromatics, I miss Chromatics, we all miss Chromatics. There’s nothing we can do. That group broke up messily in 2021, and I would not put money on them reuniting anytime soon. Singer Ruth Radelet went solo, covered Elliott Smith, and released the 2022 EP The Other Side. Now, she’s got a new collaboration with Robert Ascroft, who’s generally best-known as a photographer.

Robert Ascroft’s new song is called “Faded Photograph,” and I bet he knows all about that, given his line of work and all. Ascroft co-wrote the song with Ruth Radelet, and it’s a haunted psychedelic swirl that sounds like a less synthy version of the stuff that Radelet did with Chromatics. It’s very pretty, and it’s got a fun Ascroft-directed video that stars Radelet as a Barbarella-type B-movie queen. Check it out below.

“Faded Photograph” is out now on Hand Drawn Dracula. A Robert Ascroft album is coming this fall.

Robert Ascroft

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