Post Malone Tattooed A Dick On Steve-O’s Face At Bonnaroo

Post Malone Tattooed A Dick On Steve-O’s Face At Bonnaroo

Earlier this month, Steve-O revealed that Post Malone was going to tattoo a dick on his forehead at Bonaroo for the Jackass star’s 50th birthday. And, well, it finally happened on Sunday.

In a video on TMZ, Post Malone says, “I’m gonna start with the part closest to your eye.” Steve-O wisely suggests, “I would say start with the balls.” While Steve-O is no stranger to stupid tattoos, this one is right above his eyebrow, hard to miss (see what I did there? I have to make a dick joke in here somewhere, sorry).

However, Steve-O has a reason for this venture: “It’s to find out how long I last before I tap out and get it lasered off,” he explains. “I’m determined to make it at least through my next whole tour, which starts this Friday. And it’s the craziest show I ever put together because it actually explores what I have to do with my art to cross the line. And I’ll have you know, I’m crossing the hell out of it.”

Watch the clip below, and check out the result.

Meanwhile, Post Malone reunited with Billy Strings at his headlining set at Bonaroo. The pair last joined forces in 2022 for a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Cocaine Blues.”

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