Livestream Kendrick Lamar’s The Pop Out Concert In LA For Free

Livestream Kendrick Lamar’s The Pop Out Concert In LA For Free

UPDATE: Show’s over but here’s what happened.


Today, Kendrick Lamar returns to the stage, and we all get to watch. Two weeks ago, Kendrick gave a surprise commencement speech at Compton College, and he also announced an afternoon arena show at Inglewood’s Kia Forum. That show, presented by pgLang and Free Lunch, is billed as “The Pop Out – Ken & Friends.” It goes down today, and it’s streaming live.

Kendrick Lamar has performed as recently as a March show in Mexico City, but a whole lot has happened since then. This spring, Kendrick was the consensus victor of a hugely publicized, shockingly bitter rap feud with fellow titan Drake. “Not Like Us,” Kendrick’s victory-lap single, debuted at #1, and it’s lingered near the top of the charts ever since. You could argue that it’s the most commercially successful rap diss track of all time. (It’s worth noting that Drake recently deleted all of his own diss tracks from his Instagram.)

Kendrick Lamar has never performed any of his Drake diss tracks. He might do it today, or he might not. Whatever happens at the Forum, this promises to be a major event. You can watch it below via Amazon Music.

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