julie – “clairbourne practice”

julie – “clairbourne practice”

Given the way shoegaze has been popping off with kiddos, it was inevitable that some of these bands would end up with major-label deals. One such combo is julie. The lowercase-obsessed LA trio will release their debut album my anti-aircraft friend in September on Atlantic. New single “clairbourne practice” zooms ahead breathlessly, kicking up clouds of distortion like something off of Isn’t Anything.

The band has this to say about it:

It’s two voices conflicting and crashing with each other, unable to understand each other. The way the vocals are layered on top of each other in this song is maybe the most androgynous on the album. But it’s two people saying the same thing and still not hearing each other. We definitely wanted the loud and quiet parts to be polar opposites. Sweet, then destructive, and coming back and repeating the cycle.

Lizzie Klien and julie directed the “clairbourne practice” video, which you can watch below.

my anti-aircraft friend is out 9/13 on Atlantic. Pre-order it here.

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