Cornelius – “Bara To Yaju” (Haruomi Hosono Cover)

Cornelius – “Bara To Yaju” (Haruomi Hosono Cover)

Haruomi Hosono celebrated 50 years of his debut solo album Hosono House last year. Musicians like Mac DeMarco, Sam Gendel, John Carroll Kirby, Jerry Paper, and more are honoring the Japanese pop icon with a compilation. DeMarco shared his rendition of “Boku Wa Chotto” in February; Cornelius’ take on “Bara To Yaju” is out today.

According to the label Stones Throw, Hosono and Cornelius met in 2001, when Hosono invited Cornelius onto his radio show. Years later, Cornelius joined Hosono’s group Yellow Magic Orchestra as guitarist. The compilation still does not have a release date, but it’s slated for later this year. Cornelius also announced a new EP titled Bad Advice/Mind Train arriving August 21. It contains “Mind Train,” which was unveiled earlier this week. Hear his cover of “Bara To Yaju” below.


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