The Delta Mirror – “Blind” (TV On The Radio Cover) (Stereogum Premiere)

A logical pairing here: TV On The Radio’s swirling and immersive, downcast and down-tempo mood portrait “Blind,” from their Young Liars EP, bounced off the similarly calibrated palette of Los Angeles BTW the Delta Mirror. In some ways “Blind” fixed the frame for the Delta Mirror, so their take on it plays out the extremes in TVOTR’s lugubrious seven-minute set-piece: up the glitch, superimpose a more abrasive, frictional beat that doubles up on itself two-and-a-half minutes in, sweeten the pot with post-rock guitars and more emotionally invested vocals. Pretty beautiful, coming from a promising band.

The Delta Mirror – “Blind” (TV On The Radio Cover)

Compare with the original:

The Delta Mirror’s excellent Machines That Listen is out 3/26 via Lefse. Get involved.