Seinking Ships – “You Didn’t Love Me” (Stereogum Premiere)

A little over a year ago we posted a track from Cosmos, the collaboration between ex-Cardinal Richard Davies and Robert Pollard. (If you haven’t heard Cardinal’s self-titled ’94 collection and you like orchestral pop, track it down.) No to be outdone, Davies’s old collaborator Eric Matthews also has a post-Cardinal two-man crew: Seinking Ships — his project with Christopher Seink — released a self-titled EP in 2007 and are set to put out a full-length Museum Quality Capture in June. From his underrated solo Sub Pop debut It’s Heavy In Here onward, Matthews always had a darker angle on pop than Davies, so when he and Seink call the new material “80’s new wave soundtrack music,” you should imagine more romantic heartache than triumph. The collection’s largely instrumental, but sometimes it’s not: “You Didn’t Love Me,” for instance, features vocals from ex-Lush vocalist Miki Berenyi. You know, the woman with the intense dyed red hair. It may very well be the first time I’ve heard her sing since since 1996’s Lovelife?

Seinking Ships – “You Didn’t Love Me”

Berenyi contributes vocals to two other tracks on the album. Here’s one of them:

Museum Quality Capture is out 6/8 via S-Curve. Also: Matthews and Davies are actually back at work on following up that aforementioned Cardinal gem. No word on when it’s due.