Jenny Lewis Meets Too $hort

Great story from Pitchfork Media:

Recently, Lewis went to a Justin Timberlake record release party in L.A. (“I myself was not invited, but I was tagging along with my friends,” she points out. “Justin didn’t perform, but he was there. And Lil Jon was there wearing a Bad Brains jacket. It was a pretty exciting evening, and the champagne was free.”) And who should she bump into but the legendary Bay Area rapper?

“This, I feel, is something to brag about. Too $hort is one of my idols, and he didn’t know that I was in a band or played music or anything. But I was gushing, ‘God, Too $hort, I’ve really loved you since high school, and “Don’t Fight the Feelin'” is one of my favorite raps, and I know all the words and I think it’s a true equal opportunity song for men and women’ and at the end of our conversation he said, ‘Well let me get your email address’, but first he asked me if I was a real redhead, which was kind of uncomfortable, and then he said ‘Let me have your email address,’ And I was like ‘Of course!’ and he typed it into his Blackberry and then typed in his phone number and sent me an email with his phone number! So exciting!

“But then when I got home I realized that he faked me out and he didn’t actually send it.”

Jenny Lewis, #1 indie rock hottie who singlehandedly made the Traveling Wilburys cool again, dissed by Too $hort?!

Guess he doesn’t like redheads.

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