Cloud Nothings – “Didn’t You” (Stereogum Premiere)

I learned a couple of interesting facts about Cloud Nothings recently. One, when forced with the decision either to play Market Hotel with Woods and Real Estate (aka his first show ever) or drop out of college, Dylan Baldi ditched his mandatory school project and did it up in Bushwick. Power move. And as a man with multiple degrees who wound up writing about indie rock on the internet, I can it was a smart, money-and-time saving move, too. At least if Cloud Nothings keeps effortlessly pumping out killer lo-fi like “Hey Cool Kid,” “Can’t Stay Awake,” “Old Street,” and most recently, the b-side “Even If It Worked Out.” When talking up that last track’s bratty-rebuff superhook I said he’s “sorta making this look easy.” (And you don’t need a degree to do it.) “Didn’t You,” which is “Even”‘s the A-side, is more proof. After hearing the pair, I mentioned the 7″ from which they come would pair well with DOM’s “Bochica,” and that someone should book them a tour together. And it turns out someone did, or at least, booked them a show: the two open for Wavves at the Knitting Factory for this weekend’s Northside Fest. It’s all happening.

Two more fun factoids: The lyrics to “Didn’t You,” while set on record, change each time Dylan sings them. So download this and memorize them, but don’t take it personally if he starts going improv at your show; you’re both right. And lastly, the young man on the “Didn’t You” cover art pictured above is Dylan’s dad as a young man. Except he has no idea he’s on the 7″ cover. If I knew his first name I’d try and trigger his Google Alert (do dads have Google Alerts?), but I suppose he’ll find out today when Old Flame releases the vinyl proper. For Mr. Baldi, forever ago:

Cloud Nothings – “Didn’t You”

The “Didn’t You” 7″ b/w “Even If It Worked Out” is out today via Old Flame. Also awesome is Cloud Nothings’ Turning On, out via Bridgetown. You should be into this kid.

On tour:
06/24 – Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory (w/ Wavves, Dom)
06/25 – Washington, D.C. @ Rock And Roll Hotel (w/ Wavves)
06/26 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary (w/ Wavves)
07/02 – Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog (w/ Young Mammals)
07/12 – Cleveland, OH @ Menstrual Mansion (w/ Prince Rama)
07/14 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom (w/ Real Estate and Kurt Vile)
07/17 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean (w/ Kurt Vile)
07/28 – Cleveland, OH @ Believeland (w/ Kurt Vile)
08/07 – Cleveland, OH @ Square Records
08/26 – Cleveland, OH @ Believeland (w/ Dinosaur Feathers, Fatty Acids, Lonnie Walker)