Eternal Summers – “Pogo (Allen Blickle Remix)”

Last January we posted a remix of Surfer Blood’s “Swim (To Reach The End)” by Baroness drummer Allen Blickle. Then, this past summer, he recast the Florida crew’s “Twin Peaks.” Surprising? Not really. When I posted Baroness’s “Swollen And Halo” in October ’09 I quoted a Decibel where Blickle discussed he and his bandmates’ listening habits:

I have no idea how the hell we ended up playing this kind of music. When we first got together, all [bassist] Summer [Welch] listened to was King Diamond, [guitarist/vocalist] John [Baizley] was obsessed with old Flood records, and I was into weird shit like the Album Leaf.

Keep this in mind, those of you assuming the new Mountain Goats album is going to be a Mountain Goats death metal album because of Erik Rutan’s association with it. Also keep it in mind when you listen to Blickle’s colder, more strongly percussive and aired-out version of “Pogo” by another Kanine group, Virginia duo (and GBV fans) Eternal Summers.

Eternal Summers – “Pogo (Allen Blickle Remix)”

The original:

Eternal Summers – “Pogo”

Silver is out via Kanine. As is the “Pogo” single.