The Hairs – “Jack Becomes A Policewoman” (Stereogum Premiere)

You can learn a lot about the Hairs through main-man(e) Kevin Alvir’s chosen song titles: There’s the gender-bent “Jack Becomes A Policewoman,” a new single with a name posing the same sort of pithy illustrative twist as the previously posted “Balding College Girls.” Titles to catch you off guard, quick twisters to pair with the fun, blunt quirk of a track (title) like “Duh x 12!” So that’s the Hairs, then, in a name or three: clever and twisty in melody and buried guitar lines, simple and immediate in fuzz, and pulse, and its ostensibly slapdash home-recorded vibe. The latest of the Hairs’ jangly nuggets is “Jack Becomes A Policewoman,” and is below:

The Hairs – “Jack Becomes A Policewoman”

The Hairs are opening the sold-out Drums show at the Studio @ Webster Hall tonight, more shows shortly. Also, Alvir’s first video is in the offing, for “Duh! x 12.” It’s directed by Marcel The Shell co-creator and 100 Seconds director Dean Fleischer-Camp, so let’s just acknowledge how that has no chance of being anything but wonderful. Until then:

The Hairs – “Duh! x 12″

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