Architecture In Helsinki – “Contact High”

Melbourne’s Architecture In Helsinki are back with the followup to 2007’s Places Like This. Moment Bends was recorded in the band’s studio space, Buckingham Palace, and is, according to the press release, “… glued together with a dynamic bounce and a compelling romanticism.” The first sample from the Moment Bends, the simple and effective “Contact High,” has the “dynamic bounce” part down, with rubbery analog synths and a little bit of drums framing Cameron Bird’s falsetto. Listen:

Architecture In Helsinki – “Contact High”
(via P4K)

Moment Bends is out 5/3. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Desert Island”
02 “Escapee”
03 “Contact High”
04 “W.O.W”
05 “Yr Go To”
06 “Sleep Talkin'”
07 “I Know Deep Down”
08 “That Beep”
09 “Denial Style”
10 “Everything’s Blue”
11 “B4 3D”