New Times New Viking – “No Time, No Hope”

Lo-fi Columbus, Ohio noise-pop trio Times New Viking are following up their 2008 breakthrough Rip It Off and subsequent Stay Awake EP with their fourth proper full-length, Born Again Revisited. In the announcement over at Matador, Gerard Cosloy cheekily claims they delivered the master recordings via VHS and that it features “25% higher fidelity” than last batch of songs, “a percentage our own engineering staff has confirmed after hourse (sic) of exhaustive laboratory tests.” He also notes:

A cursory glance at the American rock underground reveals a landscape littered with well-intentioned but vastly inferior bands who’ve caught the lo-fi bug.

Gerard is selling you the record, yes, but he has good taste (mostly) and it’s hard to deny TNV have a knack for the actual hooks lacking in many come-lately crews of a similar fidelity. See, for instance, the timely “No Time, No Hope.”

Times New Viking – “No Time, No Hope” (MP3)

Born Again Revisited is out 9/22 via Matador.