Jim DeRogatis Still Venting About Rolling Stone

Music’s Siskel & Ebert got a little camera time with Conezy earlier this week to edify the nation on the Grammys and what it’s like to be bitchy music writers. DeRogatis didn’t get to talk about his previous mainstream crossover hit, but he managed to get into his tenure at Rolling Stone a little — and in this interview with Journalism Now, he managed to get into his tenure at Rolling Stone a little more:

Jann Wenner told us: ‘Rolling Stone needs to change or die!’ This was 1994, and they’d sort of bulloxed that whole little alternative rock thing. Of course, nobody ever really changes anything at Stone except Jann himself, and the job turned out to be living hell for Keith [Moerer] and me. It was like we had the keys to a Ferrari but we could only drive it five miles an hour. Jann’s whims dictate everything. We were both looking to extricate ourselves when I sped up the process and got us both fired. I’ve told that story so many times I’m sick to death of it. It involves Hootie and the Blowfish and my big mouth.

The Hootie story, in a nutshell: Jim panned it, Jann pwned him. And shit, that’s the stuff of pure evil. Listen and learn, Ms. Cobain.