Radiohead Wall Of Ice EP Out Monday?

It’s looking likely. The most compelling piece of evidence: redirects you to the W.A.S.T.E. store. So what’s the significance of “wall of ice”? The phrase turned up in the metadata of that “These Are My Twisted Words” MP3 we all feel reasonably certain is a new Radiohead song. And according to this guy’s sleuthing (via TDS), its full file title was “01-radiohead-these _are_my_twisted_words-(advance)-2009-woi.mp3,” where woi probably = wall of ice. And: The phrase also pops up in this cartoon slagging the record and film industry, and we all know how Radiohead like slagging the industry and also love their cartoons right, Stanley Donwood? OK.

So, why Monday 8/17?

AtEase says that date popped up a bunch in the metadata, too.

The internet is such a nerd.

But then, Radiohead make it fun to be a nerd. All of this comes on the heels of Thom telling the world he’s “not very interested in the album at the moment.” So everybody ran wild with that as a statement of hibernation, but everybody ran wild in the wrong direction. An EP would make sense given Thom’s quote. Clearly they’re at least single-minded of late.

Meanwhile, Jonny Greenwood affirmed Thom’s LP disinterest in today’s Australian (via AtEase), while also hinting at the band’s overall productivity by saying “there’s a bunch of [new material] slowly growing.” It’s all happening! Probably!

Next step: Gather your £s and we’ll see you 8/17 at 12AM GMT over at

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