Make Us A Muxtape

If you had a Tumblr page on Tuesday, your Dashboard was likely hijacked by 238 reblogs of the same announcement: somebody named JSTN launched a new site Muxtape, and it was totally going to change the way you discovered music. And you know what? It actually turned out to be pretty cool! In that functional yet streamlined sort of way: make a page and get your URL (, upload 12 tracks, sequence them how you like, and email said link to friends to demonstrate your superior taste turn them on to new stuff. It’s a basic idea done well. It’s mixtapes gone 2.0. Someone should tell Rob Sheffield his concept of love needs a redefinition.

(…aannddd cue the legality discussion…)

Anyway as we get set for weekend nonsense, and as we’re pretty sure there’s still a few days before Muxtape is so over, we thought we’d make a call to y’all to post yours up in the comments. Maybe just as a way to suggest new bands, or to show us how much better your pirated collection of music is than the rest of ours. But if you have a competition in you, you’re too late: Catbird wins.