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Last we heard from Tori Amos, she was kicking girls out of her show for not paying attention. It’s not clear how she’ll react if you don’t concentrate 100% while reading her new comic book. That’s right, not only does Tori have a 12-inch cock, she has a comic book! It’s called Comic Book Tattoo and sprawls to an impressive 480 pages. An article over at Comic Book Resources (via PTW) lays it all out in appropriately encyclopedic comic-nerd terms:

Through her many real and apocryphal connections to The Sandman — Amos wrote the introduction to Death: The High Cost of Living, references author Neil Gaiman and the Dream King in her music, and is generally thought to be the inspiration for Delirium — Amos is known to comics fans as one of us. She aims to prove it with the help of editor Rantz Hoseley and Image Comics, who will this summer release Comic Book Tattoo, a nearly 500-page deluxe-packaged anthology featuring some of comics’ brightest talents including David Mack, Mike Dringenberg, Jonathan Hickman, Carla Speed McNeil, Laurenn McCubbin, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ivan Brandon, Callum Watt, Neil Kleid, Christopher Mitten, Elzabeth Genco, Chris Arrant, and Daniel Heard — all of whom turn in new work inspired by the music of Tori Amos.

“One thing to make very clear — this isn’t just a bunch of comic creators making a book and then slapping Tori’s name on it,” editor Rantz Hoseley said. “She’s been very involved in the editorial process. Unlike a lot of anthologies, there have been multiple deadlines along the production path; plot, scripts, layouts, all of these had to be submitted so that Tori could look them over. Not in the manner of wanting to tell people what to do, or to make the book all ‘the same,’ but more to make sure that we had all of the bases covered in terms of really pushing the creators to work with us to make the best book possible; in order to make sure that we had a wide diversity of styles, themes and subjects and that the book wasn’t too sweet or too dark.

“It was very important to her that she see how the different creators were treating ‘her girls’ (the songs), but at the same time, not tying the creator’s hands or make them feel restricted in any way and making sure that they felt the freedom to tell the kind of story that they felt strongly about, so that the story they produced would be their best work.”

In “Comic Book Tattoo,” each creator or creative team produces a story inspired by any one of Amos’ “girls,” save for her popular cover versions…

Good thing they specify that “her girls” means “the songs” because, well … The article at CBR’s huge, so dig further, if you like animated stuff. Comic Book Tattoo is out 7/23 via Tori and Image Comics.

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