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I'd never listened to Skrillex until two days ago, trying to avoid all this horseshit where people can't enjoy an artist due to some irrational bias rooted in that artist's accessibility and success. So reading this now is interesting. Everyone on here is like, "I've listened to Burial, more than one record I think, so I KNOW THE ENTIRE CANON OF DANCE MUSIC, and also Skrillex is a fag." Burial does the same thing as Skrillex. He makes the most accessible version out there of a certain musical genre. Skrillex taps into a much wider genre, aiming for greater MASS appeal; that's why he blew up with the obviously-dated but insanely potent cultural phenomenon that we Americans now call DUB STEP. So this new EP is more evolved, at first sounds like Burial, then like Lazersword and Danger, and then in the third song more like the other Skrillex songs I heard a couple days ago. Burial pulls influence from more niche and obscure sources and sub-genres, and thus does the same thing on a more finely-focused scale. I guess people can't get into Skrillex or simply repress their emotional response to his music because it's just all about who gets to the idea first, and about hipsters only liking that which they perceive to be the first. Thing is, that's all perception, and musical influences can ALWAYS be traced deeper. People judge how contrived something is based on its relation to their knowledge of art history, rather than the intrinsic quality of the piece. That all makes it harder to discern what's timeless from what's just kind of cool/hip/trendy. To be fair, I get it how people might not like Skrillex for some of his more generic and abrasive "DUB STEP" beats. I personally don't really like the 3rd track here at all. But I don't know, I just think people get hung up on all that other shit. They miss or deny something they can connect with just because the "social coolness factor" at some point negatively correlates with an artists' success. It's a bullshit mental construct that actually affects how people respond to and evaluate art.
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January 5, 2013 on Stream Skrillex Leaving EP