Thank you for this context. We were unaware of this.
Thanks for pointing this out. We weren’t aware and added a note above to add this context. I also wanted to acknowledge the Grift split mentioned, too — I premiered one of the Grift tracks from that split when it came out several years back, and recently had Grift on our March list. I didn’t realize the extent of Drudkh’s history and should have researched this more thoroughly then and now. We miss things and make mistakes. These things do need to be called out when we find them.
Thanks for the hot tip, man!! You’re totally right!
Darren, I'm so pleased it connects. I had not heard Black Table--thank you for sharing! Really liking what I'm hearing. Stay tuned, there are some exciting things coming. One in particular lands at the end of the month.
or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0eKdGcuxAw
One EP that I think deserved some praise this year was Gallowbraid's debut Ashen Eidolon. Seriously awesome stuff, I put it in my top ten.


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