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Oh haiiii. Angel Baby is a big deal. Not sure what this dude is going on about. Since K-Swift's death, Baltimore has kinda lacked a figure in club that was a DJ, first and foremost. KW Griff is the greatest but he can only do so much! Meanwhile, all of the young kids doing amazing work (in particular, Murder Mark and Pierre, who had a remix on 'Vicki Leekx' and was sampled by Nguzunguzu and still has no hipster blog love somehow) have been releasing mixes of all of their productions, which is just not how the music is heard in clubs or on the radio. Angelbaby is filling a void and she's doing it in a way that's letting nearby Philly and Newark scenes in, which is smart and about time. And her DJing style, this just like chaotic rush of tracks on tracks on tracks is what Baltimore club sounds like for people under 20. I hope more people start checking this stuff out.
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January 9, 2013 on Mixtape Of The Week: DJ Angelbaby Get Pumped Vol. 1