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After reading the playlist of GREAT songs, this compilation contains what I thought would change my mind about Radiohead but I was wrong. "In Rainbows", a two cd album released in 2007, has all to be a great one but at least to me It wasn't all that good. I have the album and I just like a tune here and there, unfortunately. "The King of Limbs", freshly released, this year, 2011. Cool idea, concept and all but I only really like 2 tunes. I was starting to think what's wrong and ended up with the conclusion that Radiohead isn't really bad just over-rated. Disrespectful, I think, their cover of "Oasis - Wonderwall"... I am not even gonna rate it because negative isn't allowed. Oh well, it's a matter of prefference uh?
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June 5, 2011 on Download Radiohead’s 20 Best Cover Songs