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1.His career didn't crack up with HIStory!HIStory is the biggest-selling multiple-disc album of all time(20 million),check it out on Wikipedia. 2.The HIStory world tour is his best grossing tour!Also the remix album Bloos on the dance floor(1997) is the best sellin remix album of all time(6 million) 3.Invincible was not a faliure!The fact that you've know it says enough.It sold 13 million copies which is very good for 2001.The songs are not very famous because Michael was leaving sony and they didn't promothe the album.There were only 3 singles and most of the songs didn't have videos.But if you listen to it you'll hear that it's maybe his best albums! 4.His carrear wasn't very weak.It practiclly stopped after 2001.But until 2001 not 1 year was weak!And if you think about it he has 2 albums and tons of very good sellin compilations for the last decade so it didn't really stop! I can write and write and write but I'm tired of explaining simple things like idiots to you.Madonna and Michael don't belong in the same category by a long shot.And a musician is not judged by how many albums he/she releases or how many yers is he on the stage.Otherwise Cher would be on the 1st place.And btw Elvis's carrear lasted way shorter than Michael's.And don't even get me started about Madonna because she doesn't deserve to be in this top 100 at all!
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January 1, 2011 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time