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AC/DC -- Who Made Who?
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April 4, 2012 on Win A $400 Logitech UE Air Speaker
Locrian & Mamiffer - In Fulminic Blaze
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March 15, 2012 on Win A Sonos Play:3 Styled By Hisham Bharoocha
Has nobody replied to this because everyone's too busy quietly weeping to type?
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February 7, 2012 on Bill Callahan Covers Leonard Cohen
Overkill Infectious Grooves The fact that you didn't mention either of these makes me a little sad (and by "you" I mean everyone, not just tom.)
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January 19, 2012 on 20 Songs Named After The Bands That Played Them
100 percent of zero is zero.
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June 27, 2011 on SPIN’s 25 Best Albums Of 2011 So Far
I'll go with "When The Screams Come" but, really, how are you supposed to pick one favorite Pentagram song?
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June 7, 2011 on Win Tickets To Pentagram’s Haunting The Chapel-Presented US Tour
Warning about this guitar: The Kirk Hammett Signature ESP guitar can not make any sound without the constant use of a Wah pedal (I have to assume).
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May 10, 2011 on Win A Kirk Hammett Signature Series ESP Electric Guitar