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> there’s room for MORE meaning should you ever find yourself in a place where you need it. See, this right here, this seems to me to be a rather arrogant and disparaging thing to say to someone whom you don't know. Apart from this conversation consisting of a few comments, you know nothing about the person you're speaking to, about his experiences in life, the quality of his relationships with his friends and his family, the level of fulfillment or satisfaction he may feel with his life. Knowing nothing about him, how can you claim that he could find "more meaning" for himself if he were to begin believing in your deity or conception of the 'Ultimate'? Personally, I am an agnostic, but I come from a family and community of Jains. Jainism is a beautiful, ancient tradition that has sustained my community for more than three to four thousand years (predating Christianity by centuries) and unlike most other religions, rejects the idea of supreme Gods. As Jains we don't believe in a supernatural supreme being, but we meditate, we fast, we strive to care for our families and help the afflicted; we gather in our temples to celebrate life and strengthen the bonds of community. We choose to focus on love and compassion, on how we can live flourishing, loving, and ethical lives here and now, rather than speculating upon gods and supernatural realms. Perhaps believing in deities helps fill a void or provide meaning for some people, and I don't begrudge them that, but I assure you that those of us who lack such a belief do not, as a result, live less than fulfilled lives.
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