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I have a love/hate relationship w/ Spotify. Not hate, but enough annoyances that it keeps my love in check. I have used it regularly since it came to the U.S. The service is built around playlists in a way but there are numerous problems when using them. The search function for playlists is really bad. More often than not you cannot find a good one, or even a suitable one, and have to turn to outside apps. The subscriber numbers often freeze for weeks, jump all over the place, or disappear altogether. Embedding them on a website has yielded inconsistent results. Spotify pays independent artists next to nothing, and that is very troublesome to many. These things will not bother the casual user, but are just a few things Spotify needs to address moving fwd. The pros outweigh the cons for me though. Being a music fanatic has never been easier or more enjoyable than with Spotify. The sheer amount of music and the ease of navigation make it a winner. I visited Rhapsody recently, and it felt like playing with a snail after owning a pet rabbit. It's a fun landscape to watch develop. Keep your eyes out for others, too. Dr. Dre just purchased MOG. Slacker radio does great things, and apps like Songza keep things interesting too. Not to mention the new XBox streaming system, and of course Pandora. Good luck to them all! (they will need it)
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July 16, 2012 on Spotify In The USA: One Year Later