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I'm completely fine with that. ...Like Clockwork deserves AOTY.
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October 25, 2013 on NME’s Top 500 Albums Of All Time
Fuck You (An Ode To No One) from Mellon Collie. Especially that vocal bit, "And coil my tongue around a bumblebee mouth." Explosive. Love it.
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July 20, 2013 on Win A Smashing Pumpkins The Aeroplane Flies High 5-LP Limited Edition Box Set
We Are The Physics. The British IBM. DIIV. (Which is on the list and FUCKING AMAZING.) Flats. (2011?) Holograms. Husky. Divine Fits deserve a nod, fo sho. Keaton Hensonnnnnnnnnnn.
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September 22, 2012 on Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands Of 2012
Favorite song's gotta be The Universal.
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July 31, 2012 on Win Blur 21: The Box (18CD/3DVD Set)