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a lot of the producers and labels on this list were my favorites too. i don't get how you can dismiss deep rooted scenes like vogue and footwork as hipster? this works as an intro to different genres and if you want the top 30 hardstyle tracks or whatever, of course this is the wrong site
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December 26, 2012 on The Top 30 Electronic Dance Tracks Of 2012
is there any word on when that broadcast album might come out?
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December 24, 2012 on The 50 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2013
i listen to kurt vile and cloud nothings more, but i gotta say that das racist one is pretty sweet
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April 11, 2012 on Win 4 Insound Exclusive Band T-Shirts (Cloud Nothings, Black Lips, Das Racist, Kurt Vile)
radio milk how can you stand it
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July 18, 2011 on Win $200 V Moda Headphones Courtesy Of White Denim