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M ward should do something with Feist and make She and Him and Her with Zooey and Feist , IT'S GOING TO BE EPIC
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March 28, 2012 on Watch Feist & M. Ward Cover The Jesus And Mary Chain
and if you had a time to search K-Pop why dont you tell us a post about Japan Girl Group called Perfume which has an unique music, android-likey and hipster appeal than K-pop
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March 25, 2012 on The 20 Best K-Pop Videos
what the fuck going to stereogum btw, you better give a solid review to Shugo Tokumaru than this. Dont get me wrong, I like some K-pop but talk about K-pop in stereogum it's like talk about sex with your grandma. PS: SNSD - THe BOYS is straight trash, Gee is better song
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March 25, 2012 on The 20 Best K-Pop Videos
After releasing a video at the same times ( and I could say it outshines) with Madonna, then she upstage Madonna at what it should be her show , lot RESPECT for M.I.A
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February 6, 2012 on Watch M.I.A.’s Super Bowl Middle Finger
good Zooey, the vocal are on the point, and hey she look so damn cute ! ! !
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October 24, 2011 on Zooey Deschanel Sings The National Anthem
yeah those jacket seems cool and if you put some adidas shoes ( something with the wing ) ,I got that feeling that I caaann fly, LOL
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October 22, 2011 on Robyn Takes “Call Your Girlfriend” To Ellen
i think.. would : sondre lerche will do a fine job wouldn't : shugo tokumaru ( his point of strong is on his music not his voice ) for the girls would : feist will be the winner wouldn't : M.I.A, reason : it's M.I.A evberybody
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September 22, 2011 on Five Indie Types Who Would Do Well On X Factor… And Five Who Wouldn’t
her voice is sooo goooddd, I can't get enought with that voice, gotta love this new track, so jazzy and chill. FEIST BACK
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August 12, 2011 on Feist – “How Come You Never Go There”
Super Cute and zooey does really beautiful there, but all I need is M ward more contribute, like everyone must be wishing he dance with Zooey, it's gonna be LOL
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January 20, 2011 on She & Him – “Don’t Look Back” Video
His album leake in the internet btw, and it was amazing
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January 6, 2011 on Shugo Tokumaru – “Linne” (Stereogum Premiere)
I was excited when I heard that they covered cheryl Cole's song, cause you know it always entertaining when indie musician try to cover mainstream actress . But this cover was flat, no energy, and where the amazing voice of Ezra , I expect more btw check my blog, it's not about music but photography hope you like it
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December 20, 2010 on Vampire Weekend – “Fight For This Love” (Cheryl Cole Cover)
Really like I put spell on you performance, zooeey so cute there, and I like that M ward sing together with zooey at second part, love them , okay love ooey more
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December 11, 2010 on She & Him & Conan Do “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”
I like Body Talk part 1 better than part 2 , idk maybe just because i love too much for fembots, and btw hang with me is totaly cool song, I play it everyday, and I think no other song on this album has same vibe with Hang with me btw, why stereogum dont give us news about sondre lerche, I read on his web that he released a song that be an ost for Dinner for Schmuck. Why dont stereogum give news and a preview of the song ( I'm dying to hear it) btw too check my blog on . and its not music blog
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August 12, 2010 on Robyn – Body Talk PT. 2 Premature Evaluation
haha if you see the videeography and editing surely is the shittest shit I've ever seen but I see it as fun joke and parody to cheap karoke, hahahaha and btw thx for adding me ( you rocks MIA)
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August 12, 2010 on M.I.A. – “XXXO” & “lly Girl” Videos
btw have you all listen to Temper Trap - Sweer disposition, it's a great song and awesome band from Australia, better give a try my blog,
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July 30, 2010 on Band To Watch: PVT
I really really love this song, and I hope there's music video for it, and btw yes she's not so nervous , like she did when she's singing in the sun on letterman ( so stiff ), talk about Zooey nervous just check on youtube when Zooey first got interviewed by letterman ( when her hair was blonde ) , she's so freakinnnggg nervous, just check it, cute tho Yes , I think M Ward play big role for she and him, I've read that in the sun song should be slower but M ward said " let's make our Bee Gees" and Ta-DAH check my blog if you want ,
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July 27, 2010 on She & Him “Don’t Look Back” On Ferguson
me like me like my blog,
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July 26, 2010 on Best Coast, Rostam & Kid Cudi – “All Summer” Video
geeezz I love She and him, and i love something vintage, but i dont like this video. i cant see zooey face clearly , and yeah just that, it's kindda horrible ( well that's my opinion) btw check my blog,
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July 9, 2010 on She & Him – “Thieves” Video