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Complaining about his "greed" after writing a diatribe about how he damaged her "brand" is hilarious. Also, if you read her twitter posts since the video was "released", she spent plenty of time gushing about and defending the "art" in the video before some of her more conservative fans' backlash caused her to consider her "brand" and backpedal. She's also obviously no stranger to nudity for publicity rather than for art:
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June 7, 2012 on Erykah Badu Is Not Happy With Wayne Coyne
Here's a bunch of free indie rock holiday songs: Free compilations from this year AND last year. 20+ cool songs!
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December 23, 2011 on 22 New Indie Rock Christmas MP3s For 2011
"demo" and "lo-fi" are not synonymous.
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November 17, 2011 on Hear Some Classic Smashing Pumpkins Demos
Best Buy Exclusive. The End.
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September 2, 2011 on Bon Iver Shits On MTV