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Excellent article and analysis. There are some great details in here that I wasn't aware of. One clarification on a comment that says "Beck cease-and-desisted this album out of existence".... Actually, Illegal Art kept the CD available for years, and ignored all three cease and desist notices (from Beck's publisher, label, and personal lawyer). Initially it was just available via the Illegal Art website, but once Negativland stepped in, they helped spread its distribution via their label (and the national distributor Mordam Records), beginning in August 1998 (if I remember correctly). It sold over several thousand physical copies, which was a lot for such a small experimental release. Illegal Art followed with 15 years of releases, and never once pulled a release due to legal pressure. I'd like to think that the label's persistence (amongst others) helped with the attrition mentioned in the last paragraph.
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February 17, 2018 on Ghetto Blastin’ Disintegrating: Deconstructing Beck 20 Years Later
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