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The only problem with this prompt is that Loveless is an eccentric, genius project of Kevin Shield's own. There are many bands who have drawn inspiration from it. I spent a couple years trying to find something comparable to the record to no avail. I realized that this was a diamond in the roughest rough. The people who may or may not list MBV as an influence in Loveless's wake who I respect today are: The Black Angels, Deerhunter, Lilys-- Any band that's relinquished enough control to let their music speak for them instead of their clever lyrics. Any band that's not relied on guitar pedals to create the indelible mark of great guitar music. Any band that's fit multitudes of moods or forays. Bands that recognize the genius of wall of sound, of the movement of tremolo, of an overload of ambience.
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November 7, 2011 on Loveless Turns 20