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I was in the audience last night. Ed’s voice was out of this world-- seriously gripping. The songs from the album are mystifying. Amazing musicians—it's always so special to hear them perform.
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December 13, 2012 on Watch Grizzly Bear Play Letterman
It's just an interview. They were asked questions and answered them. Let's just sip some tea, put on some GB and chillll.
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October 1, 2012 on Grizzly Bear Are Not Rich
"I hate those gotcha games that the liberal media always plays because they can't talk straight to the Americans" --S. Palin
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October 1, 2012 on Grizzly Bear Are Not Rich
Holy crap! I Can't believe there is going to be more after this to come. Can't wait until September! I want it all noooow, please! Best album of 2012--calling it.
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August 2, 2012 on Grizzly Bear – “Yet Again”
Cover art makes me feel weird--I love it! Who designed this?
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July 9, 2012 on Grizzly Bear Shields Details
Everyone is excused from work for the rest of the day!!! Go home, listen on repeat, enjoy life!
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June 5, 2012 on Grizzly Bear – “Sleeping Ute”