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And Your Bird Can Sing - there's not a note wasted or out of place!
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November 13, 2013 on Win A Beatles BBC Vinyl & Book Prize Pack
Not sure if this was Thorgerson or one of his Hipgnosis partners, but this remains one of the best album covers of all time:
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April 19, 2013 on R.I.P. Storm Thorgerson
"XTC vs Adam Ant" is not only the worst song of TMBG's career, but also worse than any song by either XTC or Adam Ant. Alright, I may be overstating things slightly. But certainly any song from The Spine would've been a better choice.
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March 18, 2013 on The 10 Best They Might Be Giants Songs
His singing voice is no revelation - I can hear why he never sang with R.E.M. - but it's got an appealing Cramps-meets-Stooges vibe to it.
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June 15, 2012 on Peter Buck – “10 Million BC”
Hey Billy, thanks for creating a false dichotomy that makes it even more difficult for me to defend my love of 70's cock rock to my cooler friends.
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June 12, 2012 on Billy Corgan Will “Piss On Fucking Radiohead”
Liz Lemon gets my vote, if only because she reminded me to put potato chips on a sandwich.
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November 23, 2010 on Win Signed 30 Rock Stuff, Hear Two New Songs From The Soundtrack
Out The Blue off of Mind Games is one of his most underrated ballads.
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October 12, 2010 on Win John Lennon’s Signature Box
Lots of love for "Sound and Vision."
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September 26, 2010 on Win David Bowie’s Station To Station Deluxe Box