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This album will disappoint guys into rap memes. This one is a total victory for Indian, the vocals alone could induce a heart attack for sure. Grade A Doom.
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April 4, 2011 on Stream Indian Guiltless (Stereogum Premiere)
Hey Brandon What about Trap Them? I'm curious how Darker Handcraft songs come across/sound/vibe live. Just because, I have it on heavy rotation more than any other release. (via favourite '11 album so far)
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March 20, 2011 on SXSW Friday: Featuring James Blake, Odd Future, Esben & The Witch, Jamie Woon, Mount Kimbie
Evictionaries video should definitely feature Ryan McKenney doing a violent Thom Yorke lotus flower choreography. (please no! That would be like a deathcore band video) Jokes aside, Darker Handcraft is a cathartic, vibe-y full-length that I already now will end in my top 5 of '11
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March 10, 2011 on Trap Them – “Evictionaries” (Stereogum Premiere)
Krallice know how to twist all the knobs controlling my brain. My most anticipated record this year by far.
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January 21, 2011 on Krallice – “The Clearing” (Stereogum Premiere)