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Ok I can hardly contain my distaste for this -- and Stereogum, I expect more from you. Who the hell ARE these "artists"? First and foremost, Peter Bjorn and John should be banished to the moon for opening their mouths ever again after "Young Folks". It was a nice song and could've been a sweet legacy as one hit wonders, but no, they had to keep inundating us with their crap. RUBBISH! The fact that THEY opened this slop-fest should've foreshadowed the madness. I couldn't get through Chelsea Wolfe's "interesting" take on "The Modern Age" because it was unlistenable. Full stop. Frankie Rose was at least honest enough to admit having no idea what The Strokes mean to my generation having never LISTENED to them before doing this cover. And it shows. At least Real Estate included melody, a guitar lick and some semblance of knowledge of the band. However, if people are currently paying money for this band's original music, I sure hope it's not much. So far, it's the only one that even remotely pays tribute to the band, in a high-school-band kinda way. I think you must've loaded the wrong MP3 for the "Someday" track because not only does that not sound like "Someday", I'm hard pressed to file it under "music". I'm not surprised however, I've been unfortunately exposed to Wise Blood before on the Friendly Fires tour. Whatever moron thought they were suited to do more than shine FF's boots is beyond me. They must have the same publicist or something. Is the Austra track meant to sound like 8-bit or a ringtone for a pay-as-you-go phone? Because that's EXACTLY what it sounds like. Sheesh, Jules, I hope you're not listening to this drivel. the morning benders did a decent job -- of doing the EXACT opposite of the song they covered. So if it was meant to be just that, they nailed it. The presence of auto-tuned pitch correction when the original was sung with a raspy voice through an effect meant to make it MORE uneven and imperfect -- opposite. The lack of guitars, drums, bass and pretty much any musicianship at all whatsoever -- opposite. And "turning The Strokes song structure on its head" sounds like a sample challenge for "Project Songwriter", a hit new series on Bravo. Blimey. Well now folks, Owen Pallett had a tall order: re-create my favorite song on the album with some style and don't fuck it up too much. In the description of his approach his assessement of the song is spot on. Well, quoting Regina Spektor's observation that they are modern classical is spot on. And truthfully admitting he's not as good a singer as Julian (he's not), is wise since his contribution as the vocalist is the only part of this I don't love. Kids who played on this record: put down your auto-tune, shut off the Rock Band and LEARN TO PLAY AN INSTRUMENT. I'd give it a 6 out of 10 considering they were put on the spot. With some arrangement and a better vocalist, this could be a decent effort. Hmmm I know with the death of Amy Winehouse there's an opening in the young-girls-trying-to-sound-old-school club, but I'm thinking this crop is pretty close to the end of the queue. Also, immediately I hated it because it attempts to be reggae attempting to cover The Strokes. ick. Computer Magic… well that explains it. It's an app, right? Like Songify? Let's just agree to explain it away there.. although the vocalist is sadly the ONLY one on the whole record who even attempted to remind us the band they're tributing is The Strokes. Or perhaps the "computer" just recognized the song it was recreating. I'm sad for the children of the world who are going to have to pay tribute to these people in 10 years. Uggh, worst hour of my life.
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July 29, 2011 on Stereogum Presents… STROKED: A Tribute To Is This It