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Coulda done it in a wheelchair. He's got experience.
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October 10, 2016 on Drake Cancels Rest Of Tour Due To Ankle Injury
In reality, this is about the accurate amount of time it'd take to climb a vine to the clouds.
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July 12, 2011 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: 10 Hours Of Mario Climbing A Vine
House of the Dead Leaves.
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February 16, 2011 on Like Books? Like Videogames?
Everybody's pregnant with all of Josh Groban's babies.
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January 21, 2011 on PFFFFFFFFBBBBBBBBBT!
Also: Double Double Jeopardy
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January 18, 2011 on Best New Party Game 44: Winter Movies
The Kids Are Okay, I Suppose
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January 5, 2011 on Best New Party Game 42: #lessambitiousmovies
Did everyone just forget that Romance Is Boring came out this year, or is it just really bad and no one is telling me I'm not allowed to enjoy it?
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December 18, 2010 on Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums Of 2010
How about Planes, Trains, and Automobiles? I love it, but I'm sure everyone else hates it.
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November 23, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Holiday Movie Nominees
It's a good thing they put a disclaimer. Good thing they did, or people might think they were gay. And we can't have that in 21st century America, especially from our Harry Potters.
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November 15, 2010 on World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan
The Shawshank Redeemable Shares
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November 10, 2010 on Best New Party Game 37: #BoringMovies
The 40-Year-Old Man with a Relatively Average Sex Life for Someone His Age
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November 10, 2010 on Best New Party Game 37: #BoringMovies
Wait, am I not supposed to like The Daily Show and the Colbert Report anymore either? Why am I not allowed to like all these things that I like? I don't want to be a bad person.
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September 17, 2010 on Stephen Colbert And Jon Stewart Announce A Parody Event
Can we nominate Shakespeare In Love or has that been done before? I haven't really been keeping track that much.
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September 15, 2010 on The Unfortunate Return Of The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time
Am I a bad person for liking American Beauty? I really like the film American Beauty, but now I think I'm supposed to not and it scares me.
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September 15, 2010 on The Unfortunate Return Of The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time
This is the best comment I've ever seen on this site ever in the history of ever.
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September 1, 2010 on Conan O’Brien Announces The Name Of His TBS Show
I was actually worried Michael Cera wasn't enough of a jerk to accurately play Scott Pilgrim, who is a character who is a jerk, but I wasn't pleasantly surprised. I agree with people who said Kim Pine was underused, because she was and I enjoyed the parts in the book where you got to know more about Kim's history with Scott. Also, Ex's 5 and 6 felt very rushed, getting no back story and absolutely NO dialogue! I hope there are features on the DVD's which I will buy explaining this.
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August 16, 2010 on The Videogum Movie Club: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
You can't try to re-nerd a movie which is already deep seeded in nerdom. That's be like submitting "Free USS Enterprise". On a related note: Free USS Enterprise
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July 21, 2010 on See You At Comic-Con 2010! (BONUS: BNPG)
My curiosity has peaked regarding your levels of boring or whiteness.
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July 20, 2010 on Stream Amanda Palmer’s Radiohead Covers EP
If I knew how to make and post images, I would make an image of Brodyquest Brody playing guitar with Topher Grace in the background and the words "FUND IT!" Superimposed over it, and then I would post it in reply to your post.
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July 12, 2010 on The Videogum Movie Club: Predators
What's that Sam Mendes movie about disturbing suburban life?
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June 24, 2010 on Best New Party Game 26: Do You Mean The One Where…
Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter changed her relationship status to "It's Complicated" (SPOILER ALERT: It's complicated because she's dead)
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June 15, 2010 on What Should The Tagline Be For Don’t Text Mom The Babysitter’s Dead
Iron Man needs more Sam Rockwell as does everything else in the world.
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May 10, 2010 on The Videogum Movie Club: Iron Man 2