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I didn't much care for Sean Pecknold's animation for the FF tour, but this is really haunting.
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November 22, 2011 on Fleet Foxes – “The Shrine/An Argument” Video
This album is awesome, and as amrit writes, it sounds fresh and young. Is it okay if I think the drums sound a lil dated though?
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November 6, 2011 on Loveless Turns 20
Breaking: Stereogum reader indignant about elitism of indignant Stereogum readers. (I like your name)
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November 6, 2011 on Album Of The Week: Miranda Lambert Four The Record
I agree, except I'd say it's more like Two Guys a Girl... mashed with cheap 30 Rock knockoffs. Based on the one episode I saw, Zooey's character is basically wannabe Liz Lemon. Best/worst part: when the black guy walk into Zooey's room with a basketball for no apparent reason except that, you know, he's black and black guys carry basketballs everywhere, right?... That said, it *is* early, and there's enough potential that it might improve, but I'll wait for someone else to tell me it's gotten good before tuning in again. That said part 2, I still have a massive crush on Zooey.
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October 24, 2011 on Zooey Deschanel Sings The National Anthem
My favorite all-time: "Under a Hollow Tree" by Royal City Others: "Fall of the Star High School Running Back" - the Mountain Goats "Deianara Crush" - the Mountain Goats "Rush Apart" - the Rural Alberta Advantage "The Hoofs" - WHY? And if we allowed five more seconds: "Trees Are A Swayin'" - say hi "Country Caravan" - Blitzen Trapper "We Don't Say Shut Up" - Danielson (not indie, I know) "I Can't Explain" - the Who
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October 17, 2011 on The 10 Best Indie Rock Songs Under 2 Minutes
I'll spend the day getting absurdly excited about the lone date marked by "$."
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July 23, 2011 on Happy Bon Iver Day
Half his label is on stage.
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November 20, 2010 on Sufjan Plays Fallon
Well, SNL does have notoriously bad sound. This doesn't sound great, but some of the other performances on that show make me think they thorax-punch every performer. TV on the Radio, I think, takes the cake for worst ever. Phoenix, of course, wins the "best ever SNL performance" prize.
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November 17, 2010 on Arcade Fire Return To SNL
"Sylvia, get your head out of the oven..." I love that album. Is this link not working for anyone else or is it just my computer?
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April 15, 2010 on The Antlers – “Sylvia” Video
Pretty gorgeous, ah think. Although, I'm not certain it's "purposeful," because I heard him speaking English at a show and, well, he's not quite fluent (see also his English song that sounds like Hopelandic on med sud i eyrum etc). Not criticizing, because I can't speak a word of Icelandic or Hopelandic.
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March 23, 2010 on Jónsi – “Time To Pretend” (MGMT Cover)