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@Reverend Weird: That's nice and simplistic, but that is just not true, not what I have said (the point here being: "given involvement in violent crime"), and not what research statistical studies show: A few other studies came to the same conclusions. And if you look at interracial crime, you might also find that the numbers are greatly contradicting the white on black racist narrative. All this appears more emotional than based in reality. @mjhk75: I haven't missed the point, I have absolutely no problem with saying that black lives DO matter. I take issue with the war-like statements, the violence, the lynching, and the increasingly coercitive, threatening and crazy demands (kneel, bring these statues down, boycott Israel, etc.). That's not a fight for equality, that's a fight for domination. IMHO. You disagreeing with this perception shouldn't make you or me an enemy. Division is actually what vertical power relies on. @blimp_juice: I have actually risked my physical integity on several occasions protesting and denouncing police brutality, yeah. And I'll stop here for good. I wish you all the best, and happy downvoting!
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July 2, 2020 on The Month In Metal – June 2020
I appreciate that you mjhk75 and blimp_juice have now tried to discuss the actual points brought up. We will most likely not agree, but I appreciate that you both kept relatively civil. To answer your point blimp_juice, of course I am revulsed by the videos that show unarmed citizens being killed by the police. Thing is, I am revulsed by all videos of police brutality, not only the ones that affect people of color. And a handful of studies actually show that at equal population, when implicated in crime, Whites are actually more likely to get shot by the police than Blacks! I just don't buy the systemic racism part. I have friends on the force, of all colors, and they don't believe in it either. I'm not a conservative by the way, nor am I a liberal, I believe in strength, kindness and individuals, I'm not a moderate, but I just don't believe that BLM are good people, nor that they are doing good. And what I have observed since the beginning of all this simply has confirmed my views, but we're running in circles now, so I'll end here. Thank you for your time and talk, sorry that my sincerely no harm-intended posts obviously rubbed so many people the wrong way.
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July 1, 2020 on The Month In Metal – June 2020
There are testimonies everywhere, full youtube channels dedicated to Black people voicing their opinions against BLM (such as this one for instance: , but I guess it's just no use trying to discuss this here, when one doesn't want to look, nothing can force him. I'm not even asking that anyone agrees with me (and others), but simply that, at least, people who don't fully agree with BLM (which in my view is racist) aren't automatically dubbed "hateful", or whatever other defamatory and serious terms are slapped rashly onto complete strangers by angry people who don't even care about the meaning of words anymore. Martin Luther King tried to build bridges between communities, BLM is burning them, andstirring hate. But that's just my ignorant view I guess. Thanks in advance for all the brave downvotes.
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July 1, 2020 on The Month In Metal – June 2020
So one can't make a difference between the fact that actual Black lives matter (just like all lives, and indeed in this case there is no debate), and that the Black Lives Matter movement is dishonest, racist, and is making all things absolutely worse (except for them)? It's whether one embraces that organization without any reserve or he is a racist and an enemy? They don't speak for all Black people. And yes, there have thankfully been plenty of Black voices denouncing BLM, the false narrative being used, and how it is being overall detrimental to Black people. But I guess that to hear them, you'd have to either pay attention or go on the streets, being ready to have your self-righteous stance be challenged, and maybe not be so quick to judge. If you are curious, here is a video interview of Leo Terrell, who is extremely angry towards BLM, and talks about the lies and damage being done by them: Or here, just an anonymous Black lady in the street, telling things how she sees them to a "woke" White girl who insists on telling her that she is oppressed and that she suffers from systemic racism. And I have seen dozens of these thankfully, be it on the web or in person. But I guess these Black people are hateful.
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July 1, 2020 on The Month In Metal – June 2020
I was actually here to discuss music. I just reacted to what most metal websites are making extremely blatant, which I disagree with And now it seems like anyone who disagrees with this movement is a hateful bigot. Including the Black people who disagree, funnily enough. So if one finds BLM to be more detrimental to peace, and to the actual Black cause, he's a racist as well, no matter his skin color (such as Muhammed Ali's son for instance, but plenty of Blacks have spoken against it). I don't know, I feel like there could be a middle ground between not being enthused by BLM, and being called hateful (when it is actually the opposite)? Everything has become so black & white (no pun intended), it's exhausting and sad.
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June 30, 2020 on The Month In Metal – June 2020
LOL at the downvotes. Amazing how people listening to extreme music are in fact too fragile to even engage in a discussion with someone who stated in a friendly manner a statement they disagee with. So this is what the world has come to : divisions so strong that we can't even rationally and peacefully discuss matters anymore. And big boys listening to metal as an outlet to be strong and violent, but vicariously. And downvoting at the first sign of potential debate. Wow. Man, this is so pathetic it almost disgusts me from my music.
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June 30, 2020 on The Month In Metal – June 2020
It really pains me to see so many metal sites, even after the weeks of complete mayhem, madness and humiliation that have followed, still support that racist group of BLM. which has absolutely nothing to do with defending Black lives. But everything with installing looting, mayhem and murder. A lot of Black people don't support it, and they are more than right. One more powerful voices than others: BLM is simply dividing the country and laying ground for racial war, stirring tensions, and making it impossible for all of us to live together. Otherwise, great selection, I've particularly enjoyed Xazraug and Paysage D'Hiver out of these, but I haven't listened to all of them yet. Too busy rocking to I, Voidhanger's crazy late June output (Creature, Thecodontion, Neptunian Maximalism, Fleshvessel...) Societal misguiding aside, thanks for the great work!
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June 30, 2020 on The Month In Metal – June 2020