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Contrary to what the article says, he did commemorate MCIS with a mammoth box set and reissue in 2012.
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March 16, 2016 on Sorry Millennials, Billy Corgan Won’t Do A Siamese Dream Tour
Seriously, T. Swift "major artistic merit" ??? How much did they pay you for that one Stereogum?
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December 8, 2015 on The 2016 Grammys Are Gonna Be Alright
Why would he even waste his time? He was writing about Scott Weiland. He didn't take any swipes at anybody.
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December 4, 2015 on Billy Corgan Shares Eulogy For Scott Weiland
Was just going to say this. incredible song and one of their best. great lyrics and emotion in that song.
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December 4, 2015 on The 10 Best Stone Temple Pilots Songs
People take crap like this far too seriously. Some guy was being a jackass on twitter, big deal. The public LOVES to tear down anyone with notoriety who makes a public gaffe or puts their foot in their mouth. It's a form of mob rule and pack mentality.
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October 20, 2015 on Label Drops Whirr Over Transphobic Tweets
Pavement wrote plenty of songs as good or better than Weezer. For instance: Silent Kid, Cut Yr Hair, Here, Range Life, Major Leagues, Spit on a Stranger, Shady Lane, Rattled By the Rush, Unseen Power of the Picket Fence, and on and on. Your assertion that they didn't is completely bunk. Weezer's only good albums are their first two. Also, you're in college? Well la-di-frickin-da.
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August 5, 2015 on Pavement Could Have Been As Big As Weezer, Say Stephen Malkmus And Spiral Stairs In Separate Interviews
Quite possibly the worst ACL lineup ever.
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May 4, 2015 on Austin City Limits 2015 Lineup
The drummer walking around with sticks air drumming was deliberately done by Live as a nod to INXS and the "Need You Tonight" video where their drummer was doing the same.
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April 18, 2015 on Throwing Copper Turns 20
'Purple' is such a great rock album. One of the best of the 90's for sure. This was the 2nd rock cassette I ever bought when I was 10 years old, the first was 'New Miserable Experience' by Gin Blossoms. You can really hear the Zeppelin influence STP had on this album. Killer riffs and really interesting song arrangements. Some of the acoustic bridges in certain songs sound like they could have come straight off of 'Houses of the Holy' or 'IV'. If not better than Pearl Jam they were at least just as good. There's a mysterious vibe to 'Purple' that 'Vitalogy' also has. There's just something really special about 1994. Probably the last truly great year for rock music.
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April 15, 2015 on Purple Turns 20
Blink 182 was, is, and always will be a terrible band. Pale imitation of Green Day who are ten times the band and musicians that Blink are. Travis Barker is overrated. Terrible snare sound and overly busy meth'd out drumming. Tom DeLonge also had one of the most awful grating voices in rock music ever.
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March 4, 2015 on Blink-182’s Travis Barker Says Tom DeLonge Is Not A True Punk And Should Just “Man Up And Quit” Already
If there was a band called "The Fa##ots" you would all be up in arms about it. But apparently it's OK for this band to be called "Viet Cong" since the Vietnamese community is irrelevant to you.
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March 4, 2015 on Viet Cong Show Cancelled Because Of Offensive Band Name
If this band called themselves "The Faggots" you all would be up in arms about it. But since the Vietnamese community is apparently irrelevant to you all you are OK with the band name "Viet Cong".
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March 4, 2015 on Viet Cong Show Cancelled Because Of Offensive Band Name
I thought he was Yeezus and Yeezus is God he asking himself to help himself?
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March 2, 2015 on Kanye West Announces New Album So Help Me God
I like Noel and his crazy opinions, but he needs to lay off Jimi. That's hallowed ground right there, and Jimi's version of 'All Along The Watchtower' is the definitive version of the song. Even Dylan thought so.
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February 28, 2015 on Noel Gallagher Explains Why Seinfeld Is The Best And Alt-J Can Fuck Off
Smashing Pumpkins: 1993 - Siamese Dream 1994 - Pisces Iscariot (technically a compilation I know but still great) 1995 - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 1996 - The Aeroplane Flies High The Cure: 1980 - Seventeen Seconds 1981 - Faith 1982 - Pornography 1983 - Japanese Whispers 1984 - The Top 1985 - The Head On The Door
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February 1, 2015 on War On Drugs Frontman Speaks At Length About “Unhappy Old Dude” Mark Kozelek, Plans “A Lot Of Recording” Next Month
You are tone-deaf clearly. The melody is exactly the same.
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January 27, 2015 on Tom Petty Awarded Songwriting Credit For Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”
These guys really got off on their Mission of Burma records clearly.
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January 21, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Viet Cong Viet Cong
Deafheaven is overrated in my opinion. "Melting Sun" by Lantlos wipes the floor with "Sunbather".
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January 19, 2015 on Deconstructing: Alcest’s Shelter And Metal In A Post-Deafheaven World
This got no comments, but is amazing. Great album.
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January 16, 2015 on Lantlôs – “Azure Chimes”
Ok so basically because they're from NYC and are friends with someone at Stereogum they get a track premiere and review? Would you do this for an up and coming Texas band? There's good music happening out there everywhere, not just from your NYC buddies (who aren't good).
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January 9, 2015 on Band To Watch: Diet Cig
What a giant pile of garbage. All 50 songs.
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December 19, 2014 on The Week In Pop’s Top 50 Pop Songs Of 2014
I agree with his criticisms, but it's kind of foolish for him to publicly make these statements. It's makes him come across and petty and childish. Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam also have some of the most macho lunkheaded fan bases full of bro's who are going apeshit cause Corgan dared to criticize their favorite bands. My view is this, both bands started off strong for the first three albums and then lost it. Foo Fighters: S/T album - his best work, great album start to finish (as well as all the b-sides and live bootlegs from that era). Colour and Shape - good, but overproduced. Nothing Left to Lose, their last good album, pretty solid album from start to finish. One By One - this is where they started to sound like Nickelback for the next 14 years. Pearl Jam: Ten - some classic singles, but can still hear remnants of hair metal. VS - more aggressive sound, some classic tracks, good album Vitalogy - by far their best album No Code - good album but their downward trajectory started here...
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December 10, 2014 on Billy Corgan Disses Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters On Howard Stern
Nice, I need my fix of decrepit scary old woman vocals.
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December 9, 2014 on Joanna Newsom Says She’s Working On Music, Discusses Ferguson In New Interview
Same kind of progression but in a different key. Green Day's song is in G, while 'Glycerine' is in F.
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December 8, 2014 on Sixteen Stone Turns 20
Sixteen Stone is a good slice of post-grunge. Razorblade Suitcase was even better, great Albini production, and some really good moody slower songs on the second half of the album. 'The Science of Things' had some excellent tracks too, kind of underrated.
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December 8, 2014 on Sixteen Stone Turns 20
NOTHING - Guilty of Everything (big oversight that this isn't included on stereogum's list) Whirr - Sway Sun Kil Moon - Benji War On Drugs - Lost in the Dream Smashing Pumpkins - Monuments to an Elegy Ty Segall - Manipulator
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December 3, 2014 on The 50 Best Albums Of 2014
Yes, of course others great records were released in the 2000's. But the reviewer said that there are hundreds of albums released every year that are better than Machina, Zeitgeist, and Oceania. Libertines and Strokes were incredibly OVERRATED, just like those bores the Artic Monkeys. Even SP's weakest output is better than any of those bands best material. Strokes were a bunch of rich boarding school brats who didn't have to work for anything.
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December 3, 2014 on Premature Evaluation: The Smashing Pumpkins Monuments To An Elegy