Lindsay Robertson

Lindsay Robertson



Are we not mentioning the bald guy in the turquoise sweatshirt who walks right in front and gives a judgmental look at 3:07 for a reason or am I the only loser who watched the whole thing?
I don't know if I'm having a stroke or what but when I watch this I can SMELL THEM.
Speaking of the Today Show!: Long ago, before you guys were born, Gabe went to the Today Show holding a very special sign. The video is broken (Scott can you fix, pls?) but the photos still tell some of the amazing story of that day: Though, really, the video is AMAZING. Fix that please.
Not to mention the fact that No Strings Attached was CALLED "Friends with Benefits" until like 2 months before it came out. Both movies were called that while in production. There's also an NBC sitcom called "Friends With Benefits" that might still be put on the schedule in the summer or fall. Jesus, I know way too much about all this terrible crap.
On the Today Show. Will Ferrell was also on as his character, in a very lame sketch. Free advertising!
So does Amrit, but, like, out of frame.


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